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Hi I am Inge,

~ as an EFT specialist I help women worldwide to release

their stress and menopause symptoms to find joy,

self confidence, clarity and peace ~

And.......I LOVE IT !!!!!

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From Stress & Menopausal Symptoms to

Self Empowerment

with EFT




I help women just like you

to reclaim and empower themselves!


Do you:

  • Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed and overloaded?
  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or insomnia?
  • Do you feel emotionally stretched to your limits?
  • Do you struggle with menopausal symptoms?
  • Do you feel the implications of your stress on your personal life?
  • Do you suffer from any stress related physical symptoms like digestive problems, decreased immune system, weight gain, muscle cramping e.g. ?

The decade between fifty and sixty is mainly uncharted territory, a phase of life that is largely ignored. However, this is a time in our life when many of us women are challenged with the biggest stresses in their lives.

It’s a time of turbulent changes as we face decrease in our youthfulness & attractiveness, menopause with it’s symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, depression and so on, but also a range of complex issues like relationship challenges, health concerns, ageing parents, loss of loved ones, teenage children, children moving out (or may worse, they do not move out), empty nest, redundancy and retirement concerns and so much more.

In addition, we have often neglected ourselves for so many years because of our career, children, husband and so many other responsibilities. We have been under constant pressure to juggle all our responsibilities and have put everybody and everything else first. With the years we have forgotten that we have needs, desires and dreams too!

The fifties are also a time of reflection. Are we happy in our life? Who are we and what do we want want? Are we happy with our job/work or business? What do we want for the next 20 – 30 years?

Are we financially okay for the future?The realization is kicking in that we have crossed the half time line and whatever we want we have to do it NOW! It is a real NOW or NEVER pressure, because in a few years we are too old to do it.

Many of us understand that we are financially okay, while we are working, but we do not have enough so we feel financially safe and secure for our future. The next subject in our reflection are relationships, are we happy with our relationships?

Many women admit that they do not feel happy in their relationship, others are seeking a relationship . Other subjects we reflect on is our health and energy levels, our children and other desires like travelling and hobbies, but  most importantly WHO are we and WHAT do we want.

Whatever it is we want, we know, we haven’t got forever to go for it!  But so often we doubt ourselves, do we deserve to have what we want?  We have these nagging voices in our head, you are not good enough, who do you think you are, you do not deserve or you are not worthy to……  limiting self beliefs that trouble us deeply.

After all we have been raised in the 60’s often with very clear beliefs what a girl can or can’t do! Girls are inferior to boys, girls have to look pretty and smile, girls are good for house work mainly. We have watched our mothers often being completely dependent on their husbands, no career, no money, no rights, just  being a good housewife, her happiness was never questioned. These beliefs of inferiority are deeply locked in to our psyche or unconscious mind and to this day are often making us feel not worthy and not good enough.  On the outside we look confident, everybody expects us to be confident, but on the inside we struggle, we have so much controversial information going on in our head.

With so much stress and so many emotions and issues coming up, at times it all seems too much and we wonder how to deal with it all.  

The Stress & Menopause Connection

We were always told that the root to our menopausal problems is in our hormones being out of balance. However, the truth is, it’s the stress that is causing the problems.  Long term stress, emotional or physical, causes the Adrenalin glands to permanently produce Adrenalin. Long term Adrenalin production depletes the adrenal glands. They are meant to balance the hormones out. But once they are depleted they can’t do so and this is causing the menopausal symptoms. Therefore, it does make sense to release the stress, give the Adrenalin glands a chance to recover and get back to doing their job of balancing the hormones!

During our childbearing years our reproductive hormones, cause the release of feel good chemicals in response to our nurturing and mothering efforts. These feel good chemicals do not kick in anymore with menopause setting in. Instead, our reproductive hormones now cause changes in our brain that give us the “sudden” strong drive to do something for ourselves. This makes many women feel very scared after years of looking after everybody else’s wellbeing and ignoring their own needs. Often they feel they are out of control, they are losing their marbles, they are being unreasonable and they are very confused.

So what are we doing with all these emotions and all this stress? How do we handle all this emotional upheaval?

First of all we need to acknowledge and accept what is going on internally. We can’t change anything as long as we are ignoring what’s going on.

Ignoring our deep inner feelings, reflections, visions and desires causes us even more stress and this stress is the root to many of our menopausal symptoms, anxiety, heart problems, digestive problems, breast cancer and so on. 

So if you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, emotionally stretched, isolated, menopausal, unworthy or you are worried about your future, your physical well-being or you are struggling with self doubt or self criticism, know that helps is there – and remember:        YOU DESERVE SUPPORT – YOU ARE WORTHY!  

I have the perfect tool to help you to release your stresses:

EFT, Emotional Freedom Tapping

EFT helps to release self doubts, self limiting beliefs, childhood experiences, traumas and so much more. The tapping is sending a calming message to your Amyglada, the part in your brain that is responsible for emotional reaction and decision making.

I will help you to:

  • Release your stresses
  • Release any negative self beliefs
  • Release self-doubt, self-criticism and fears
  • Release any feelings of  being unworthy or undeserving
  • Release menopausal issues
  • Release the emotional confusion
  • Learn tools to deal with upcoming stresses

~ Re-connect with Yourself ~ Reclaim Yourself ~ Re-empower Yourself ~

With that you will:

  • Have absolute clarity of your next steps
  • Be very focused and efficient
  • Create your dream life style
  • Discover your inner visions, desires, passions and goals
  • Free yourself from your past and create a truly loving, fun, joyful, positive, vibrant new version of yourself.

Let’s work together


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